Why Bloom?

How your business could benefit from using Bloom


Bloom guides team leaders to have positive conversations that redirect your team’s energy into the behaviours that help achieve your goals.


Bloom gives teams actions plans and frameworks that elevate team cultures in line with your values and vision


Bloom allows you to measure and track behaviour so you can make sure your team is supported to make the biggest impact.

Bloom helps with remote working

Feel like a team

Bloom analyses, diagnoses, aligns and tracks the behaviours that will make the most difference so that even if they are working remotely teams share the same focus.

Track fairly

Bloom collects accurate data about how you and your colleagues are showing up in their teams, so even if you aren’t in the same room you have a clear picture of how they are working together.

Connect positively

Bloom is based on positive psychology, there are no negative inputs, so you can have conversations that are scientifically more likely to shift behaviour.

Plan ahead

Bloom gives you action plans and weekly rituals, that work remotely, that elevate team culture and embed the behaviours that matter.

Diversity and Inclusion

Remove bias
Bloom reduces the Observer Bias of how your team members see one another, so you can get an accurate picture of how they are behaving in their teams.

Mix it up
Bloom shows you how your colleagues behave in a team setting, so you can make sure you have a mix of diverse behaviours when you need them most.

Bloom tracks behaviour change so you can see who is focusing their energies for the good of the team and celebrate their success.

Resilience and Optimisation

Strength through change

Bloom is flexible to your business’s changing needs, if you need to change your strategic objectives you can input new behaviours without starting from the beginning.

Save your energy for when it counts

Bloom only draws attention to the behaviours that will make the most difference, this means your team can save their energy for where it most matters.

Behaviour change experts

Bloom teaches your team how to be reflective on how they show up to others, so over time they will be able to flex their energy in the way that suits the team best.